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gopher hockey
Do you think the Minnesota Gophers hockey team will pull it together?

OMG! I am a big Gopher hockey fan and they are struggling to get a big win this year. Do you think they will pull it together to get anywhere this season? Do you think this is our sucky season?
-Slpashot27 I was looking for gopher fan respones not a negitive response.

OK. Normally, I’m a quite a big Gophers fan. They’re my favourite WCHA team. But they had a TERRIBLE start this season and I haven’t been able to bear to watch their suffering. They lost big time in defense when Johnson left. He’s the type of freshman you can build a team around and, even though it was blatantly obvious that he wasn’t going to stick around for 4 years, I’m pretty sure they didn’t fully anticipate the impact of his departure.

Truthfully… the team HAS pulled it together a bit. If I remember correctly they were like 0-5-0 to start the season. Eeeeek. They’ve improved a bit, but I think the loss of Stoa shook the team up a bit too. And Frazee isn’t that bad, Spud. He doesn’t have much to work with this year. :|

It doesn’t really matter how deep the Gophers plunge this season though, because their history and reputation attract most of the talent from Minnesota anyway. They will rebuild as a powerhouse… just you wait. Not this year, but soon enough. The Minnesotan goods will choose to play for the Gophers and the rest of the Minnesotan schools will get stuck with the leftovers. It’s always the same story. Fear not, the Gophers successful hockey history, allegiance to local boys and stunning rep will save them in the end.

Old Time Gopher Hockey – 1988

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